Sep 6, 2017

Operation Enduring Digitarti-- Entry 522

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 He had worked hard, planned well and assembled an army of digital warriors that numbered... well, over a dozen but they were experts of wit and verse with sharp pens and battle hardened typing skills, the finest the world had to offer and with his wisdom, insight and leadership the publishing industry would fall to Operation Enduring Digitarti while on the streets they would shout out, "Wackemall" and write songs in his honor.

He had mapped out his plans knowing there would be casualties, unintended targets , friendly fire incidents and those who would turn and run but in the end he knew he would rule the literary world bringing to their knees those who had stood upon the necks of the poor poets and aggravated authors who had never been given their just due by an industry concerned more with beauty than mastery, mass -merchandising over medium.

Yes, soon he would lead his hordes to victory over their oppressors and forever change the landscape of the literary world as millions flocked to him grateful just for the chance to see his face, the lucky weeping as they reached out to touch his long gray beard. They would come from around the world to celebrate his birthday...

But today he had jury duty and that just sucks.

Who knows, he thought, maybe while I'm at the court house they'll serve that warrant on me for literary terrorism and I'll get my picture in the local news.

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