Sep 8, 2017

Last Minute Breakdown

Just before the big ride
the damned thing breaks
due to worn out parts
or my mistakes?
So it's off with the tank
and out with the gas,
clean everything up,
inspect to the last.

Could be only a speck,
a bit of trash
but whatever it is
it won't let me pass
so it's off to the shed
to pick up some tools,
clean everything out,
replace all the fuel.

Get 'er all warmed up
and ready to roll
before the big weekend
and regret takes its toll.
So please wish me luck
that the problem's soon found
and we all ride away
to seek higher ground.

The Test

With only speculation
I handled bolts and tools,
studied appreciation
of torque and varied fuels
to make a slight adjustment
and button all back down
I'm off to put her to the test,
her two wheels on the ground.

And while just slightly pensive
I aimed for Interstate
hoping that my little fix
wouldn't duplicate.
the problems of the day before
that kept me through the night.
I had to get her buttoned up--
had to get her right.

I pulled back on the throttle.
The same route I would ride,
forty, fifty, sixty,
even sixty-five.
Seventy, eighty, ninety,
all was going well.
I pushed her to a hundred plus,
slowed down, cruised a spell.