Sep 22, 2017

I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Bipolar Motorcycle

She whispers sweetly, "Come on, let's play,"
but when I arrive, "I didn't mean today!"
She fires right up, then cuts right off,
leaving me thinking, of taking up golf.

She's dressed all in black with looks that kill,
then fouls her plugs. "Baby, what's the deal?
I buy her jewelry, she says, "For me?"
the proceeds to tell me how it's going to be.

I take her to dinner, she drinks high test
'cause she deserves the very best.
She smiles, "Jump on. It's time to ride!"
I push her home, "Baby, please decide."

The roar of her pipes tell me she's mine.
I polish her chrome and make her shine.
"You know I love you but you push me 'way,"
then she whispers sweetly, "Come on, let's play."