Sep 7, 2017

Have It Your Way, Joe

From an undisclosed location somewhere in the city. And so it is, journalist Burger N Fries brings us the latest Fast Food Delights as the war drags on and the foul play never ends.

Burger City Brothel

BK Joe, he came to town,
said, "I'll keep 'em hoppin'."
Sonic Poppers hung from his side,
from death there was no stopping.
Tendercrisp was tied in there,
filet so soft and sweet.
Tomorrow, they would turn her out.
Next week she'd be spoilt meat.

Fast Food Delights, the story of the Fast Food Wars is on its way to becoming... Something? An exclusive of Wackemall Network News brought to you by perverts. That's right, perverts. Who else would turn out a lovely Tendercrisp if not perverts?