Sep 6, 2017

City Installs Singing Parking Meters

Chicago, Il-- Since the privatization of parking meters by the City of Chicago a war has waged between the public and the Parking Slave Masters with Parking Meters Slaves caught in the middle. Today journalist Stuck Ona Pole brings the latest to viewers of Wackemall Network News.

 The Battle Hymn Of The Parking Meter
(To the tune of the Battle Hymn Of The Republic.)

"Glory glory Hallelujah!
City's gonna sock it to ya'.
Fees are going up
but they never get enough.
The truth goes marching on."

Today's parking meter song was made possible by Books by Billy, the cities where you live and work, and the crooked politicians who run your cities. And run-on sentences. No mice were harmed in the making of this song. Well, there was that one but he ran out behind a car that was backing out of a metered space. Always look both ways before crossing.