Aug 12, 2017

The End Of The Fast Food War?

And now, time for the news! Brought to you by smelly feet and the Piedmont Center for Sustainability where we grow, share and live.

Early reports are that the Fast Food Wars are finally over with Ronald McDonald, the last superpower, soaking up the grease. And while we wait for confirmation we bring you ruminations of a time during the lead up to the war. Stay tuned to Fast Food Wars for continued coverage of the Fast Food Wars whatever the outcome may be.

Fortune Awaits
Or Ruminations Eating Fast Food

“Fortune Awaits. Peel Now.”
But peeling reveals only Baltic Avenue
and the B&O Railroad--
a street I can’t drive
and another train whose whistle I can’t blow.
What about the free food,
fries, burgers, shakes,
and the promise of a fortune?

I know, fortune awaits...
And I'm still looking for Boardwalk.

This is how they lure us in, disguising their disgusting intentions using our cash to finance their wars on our very lives, with banned weapons that kill us from the inside out. And except for me, no one is watching them... yet.