Jul 14, 2017

Fast Food Wars Come To North Carolina

Greensboro, NC-- Police are reporting Skipper's Hot Dogs (formerly Skip's) located on East Market Street in Greensboro, was the scene of an affray between gangs in an on going bun war with no end in sight. Reporters from Wackemall Network News interviewed witnesses on the scene:

Skipper's Hot Dogs

The King went down to Skipper's Hot Dogs.
Ronald drove the car.
Tired, they pulled in the old drive thru
as they'd traveled very far.
But when the dogs began to bark
Ronald stepped down on the gas
to speed the King far from it all
for fear it'd be their last.

Wow, who knew you only needed the recorded sounds of barking dogs blasting from speakers in the drive thru to scare away would be attackers? Our man , Skip, must surely be a hero having fought off both the King and the red headed clown.

Coverage of the Fast Food Wars are made possible by... Well, they sure as hell aren't paid for by Skip Alston and Alston Reality on East Market Street in Greensboro, that's for sure. Cheap bastard won't even give me a free hot dog....