Jun 15, 2017

To Park Or Not To Park? That Is The Question

Greensboro, NC-- The parking meters of the world have united in a giant passion play to produce change-- lots of change that can be converted to lots of dollars to do with any way they please. And these bright young meters have become literate and are using their new found skills to get their message to the world before it's too late.

What? No Change?

You knew I was waiting
before you came here
and now you are parking--
the rules very clear.
But I'll not harass you,
I'll not make you move.
I'll just tell the cop
when he comes passing through.

What's this, parking meters doing adaptations of Shakyspear? What's next, the assassination of President Obama portrayed in an adaptation of Shakyspear? What's that? You say that played in New York City in 2012? How about the assassination of President Trump portrayed in an adaptation of Shakyspear? Oh, they did that in New York in 2017... Tony Blair? Margaret Thatcher?

Oh well, Rome won't be falling here, and whatever the parking meters do next, you can bet we'll cover it right here at Wackemall Network News.

After all, it's not like anyone else is going to cover it.