Jun 16, 2017

Decorating Toilet Bowel Cleaner Recalled

Ramseur, NC-- The makers of Wackemall Products wish to inform you they are sorry they have been ordered to recall up to 20 million bottles of Wackemall Decorating Toilet Bowel Cleaner.

While the product worked exactly as advertised, many consumers failed to realize that Decorating Toilet Bowel Cleaner is not the same thing as Deodorizing Toilet Bowel Cleaner.

"How is it our fault people can't read?" said Wackemall CEO Harold Hartsoe. "Of course the bottles had paint in them-- that's why we called them decorator and not deodorizer. Does no one read instructions? Why would we try to sell deodorizing toilet bowel cleaner for $55 a bottle when anyone can walk into any dollar store and buy it for a dollar? Our product makes your toilet look like a throne but it doesn't do a think about the smell."

Attorneys for Wackemall Media, Mining, Manufacturing, Farming & Transportation... Wackemall.com agreed in an out of court decision with the Consumer Products Safety Commission to refund the purchase price of any unopened bottles saying it would be unfair to make Wackemall pay refunds for toilets that had already been decorated. The court agreed.