Jun 20, 2017

Biggest Bean I Ever Seen

 A few days ago I showed you my Asparagus Beans and the Cantaloupes or Cucumbers that came up with them (bottom photo.)

This morning I picked my first Asparagus Bean, laid it on the kitchen table, and pulled out a tape measure.

As you can see by clicking on the photos to expand them, it measures 24 inches long.

Not only that but the Asparagus Beans bear earlier and are at least as prolific as the other green beans we planted in the back yard.

Now that's a lot of bean.

It looks really skinny due to its length but in reality it is as fat as any green bean you have ever seen-- fatter than most.

The USDA recommends leaving a few on the vine to dry, then put them away for the Winter so you'll have seeds for the next Spring and encourages home gardeners to grow what is also sometimes called the Yard Long Bean.

By the way, most are said to only grow to about 18 inches but with good soil and all the rain we've
had of late I suspect a lot of veggies will be
producing big fruits this year.

Can't wait to find out what they taste like.