Jun 1, 2017

A New Playa' In The Fast Food Wars

New York, NY-- The cast of bad actors never seems to stop coming into my horrid coverage of the Fast Food Wars. Even state side the bad guys appear to be everywhere and we here at the Wackemall News Network will follow them to the ends of the earth into the restaurant to point them out.

McCruncher Comes To Town

McCruncher walked up to the bar,
a tall one he poured down.
Said, "Forget the fat, my patty's flat
and about this big around.
I know you think I'm bragging
so I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll drag the fish fillet in back
and make her scream, it's true.

Nobody dared to stop him
as he dragged her to the back.
Not even one would stop his fun
all scared he might attack.
From in the back we heard her screams
as she pleaded, "Let me be!"
And when he left a tartered mess
was all she'd ever be.

Fast Food Delights are neither supported by or connected with McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant and are in-fact a parody Fast Food War dispatch by Billy Jones. McCruncher is a trademark of McDonald's and may or may not be a real actor.