May 14, 2017

The Bees Are Back!

The bees came back to my gardens this year. This is how I did it. I gave up on growing grass.

Instead I covered my yard in this purple, Crimson Clover. The bees just love it. And the clovers pull Nitrogen from the air and put it in the soil, renewing the soil as they grow. My Hamsters love clover.

And Chicory which will be full of pretty blue flowers in just a few weeks. Chicory is both a salad vegetable and a coffee substitute. In Britain it is sold by McCormick Spices UK under the brand name, Camp Coffee. Chicory also has numerous medicinal uses.

Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Finches like Chicory as well.

In a couple of months this Spearmint will be covered in tall white blooms. As one kind of bloom dies off another kind of bloom takes its place. Earlier in the year it was rows and rows of Iris, Day Lillys, and dozens of kinds of tiny bulbs whose names I can't remember. You probably can't see it in the photos but tiny Sweet Pea blooms grow tucked back in the corners. I know most people probably think they see weeds but most everything in my yard was planted intentionally.

I can never remember if Thyme is tellow or white when it flowers. That's why I plant Thyme at one end of the yard.

And I plant Oregano at the other end of the yard. Before summer is over both will be blooming.

The Yarrow starts blooming every Spring and continues to bloom until Autumn. I should probably divide the Yarrow.

Pink Shamrock and White Clover grow everywhere filling in the voids.

I do mow. Just not as often as I used to. I allow the plants to go to seed at least once a year. And when I mow I bag the clippings and till them into the barren spots as green manure.

You see, with so much shade, grass just won't grow. But that's okay because since I gave up on growing grass the Honey Bees came back and my erosion problems are going away. No more is my yard washing away into Greensboro's storm drains and making its way to the Atlantic Ocean.