May 1, 2017

Puffed Hamster Snacks?

So I decided I wanted a snack and got some puffed wheat cereal to munch on. Milk has been bothering my stomach of late so I decided to eat it dry. As I was walking past my hamsters I thought, They've never had puffed wheat before-- why don't I give the girls a little treat?
Now it's probably not a good idea to feed sugar coated cereals to hamsters but just once won't hurt.
So I dropped a few pieces into their tank. Just 3 or 4 pieces.

They immediately started fighting over it! Even before either one of them tasted it, my two little dwarf hamsters, who in all the months I have had them have never before quarreled about anything, started wrestling the puffed wheat from each others' tiny paws, gobbling it down as fast as they could.

Then when the puffed wheat was all gone they curled up together and went back to sleep.

Though probably not for long. I figure when that sugar kicks in they'll be burning up that wheel.

Their next treat will be something they eat from the yard. I'm not going to make sugar filled snacks a habit for them.