May 13, 2017

Poetry You Can Eat

Undisclosed Location-- Today the Fast Food War makes an unexpected turn when our Wackemall Network News embedded journalist becomes an unwilling participant in the war to end all wars.

Jelly On The Telly

Peanut Butter said to me,
"I'd like to cream with Jelly,"
as we watched her move across the screen
our eyes fixed to the telly.
But how was I to ever know,
Peanut Butter, he'd soon go
spread her 'round on virgin ground
even though she'd told him, "No!"

So now I'm walking Peanut's trail,
butter off I'd probably be
if I'd just looked the other way,
never telling what I'd see.
For rogues like him, they come and go,
and you know they'll always be
peanuts plotting jellies' melt
as they watch from their TVs.

What can I say? Sometimes you just have to get out of the trenches, take a break... Besides, name a faster food than peanut butter and jelly.