May 20, 2017

Oversexed Parking Meters

I donno, maybe she really likes me but when someone comes on so quickly in the first few seconds of our first meeting one can't help but think her behavior risky to say the least. I mean, if I were twenty one instead of fifty one I might have took her up on her offer but age has taught me that no matter how hot the meter the woman inside might not be exactly what she seems to be. Yeah, later tonight I'll probably regret turning her down but at the time I simply thought it best I move along.

Horny Parking Meter

Hey there, Big Boy,
let's have some fun.
Put it in my slot
and I'll make you come...

running back to give me some more.

Today's Parking Meter Poem was made possible by... Yeah, right! Over ten years I've been writing this crap and no one has sponsored me yet.