Apr 7, 2017

Would You Like Dip With That?

Undisclosed location-- While the Fast Food Wars continue to rage on, Wackemall Network News reporters embedded far behind enemy lines discover that even the most hardened solders need a little R & R from time to time.

Fast Food Road Trip
We loaded up for the great Southwest.
Taco drove the bus.
Wendy stayed up late night
always causing a big fuss.

Mandarin, she got out
somewhere around Loch Mallad.
Caesar cried, “I’m hungry.”
I told him, “Eat a salad.”

The Frescata Club was closing up
by the time we got there,
so we drove through the Black Forest
with its soquid frosty air.

“Burgers are old fashioned,”
Wendy told me as she stripped,
looking at me laughing,
“Mind if I take a dip?”

Taco parked the bus.

Exclusive coverage of the Fast Food Wars are made possible by Reindeer and the hot chics who fly them.