Apr 15, 2017

So Where Do They Really Get Their Meat?

Loxahatchee, Fla-- And so it is,, we take a break from the Easter holidaze and look back in time at yet another battle in the recent Fast Food Wars, pitting meat against meat, and wonder who will be the victor who grills the story... and will anybody care?

Wendy's Drive Through

Wendy stayed up late night
waiting for her Mom RD.
She was feeling fiber fantic
as she watched on her TV.

The Burger King was slipping out
to slip in her back door
but the Baconator was waiting
as the King crept 'cross the floor.

The sonic boom was heard for miles
as the Baconator fired his rounds,
his kids pack bellowed tons of smoke
as it knocked ol' BK down.

The Whopper said he heard it
from the other side of town
and somewhere in the darkness laughs
a demented, red haired clown.