Apr 19, 2017

If I Told You I'd Have To Fry You

Washington, DC-- Are Grocery stores behind the Fast Food Wars, charging slotting fees and running up the cost of groceries? Reporters for Wackemall Network News tried to get to the bottom of this story with the following results.

Deadly Penmanship
"I told you I don't do interviews,"
Big Mac, he said to me.
"So why don't you just stop wasting my time?
Why won't you let me be?"

" 'Cause I know you know the whereabouts
of the clown and all his fries
and if you don't start talking,
then, Big, you're gonna fry!"

"Poet, don't you threaten me!"
I could see Big Mac was mad.
"No one pushes Big Mac around.
You're gonna be real sad."

I can't say what I did to him
but, Big, he paid the cost.
Seems even burgers have no taste
when they've bled their special sauce.

The Fast Food War has been ignored by the main stream media for longer than any of us have been alive. And if you're shocked by what you're read on these pages... then you don't want to know the parts I left out.