Apr 20, 2017

Home, Home On The Gas Range?

While other media outlets are concentrating on the rise in Chipotle stock prices and an across the board increase in the prices they charge their customers, reporters working behind the scenes for Wackemall Network News tell you what's really going on behind the scenes at Chipotle.

Barbecued Gun Slingers

Chipotle rode into the town
a hired gun working for the clown,
his snack wrap hung low by his side.
BBQ was going to die.

A wanted chicken, price tag on his head,
BBQ would soon be dead.
A new impostor takes his place
while old Boss Hog, he falls from grace.

So as we wait for noon day sun
the marshals, they all turn to run.
Chipotle, snack pack blazin' hot,
as the clock strikes noon...
he fires one shot...

and the battle rages on.

And so it is, the Fast Food Delights and the fast food fights continue only on Fast Food Wars.