Apr 9, 2017

Don't Drink The Frog

At Grandma's house there was a spring room with a fresh water trough that water always flowed through and a dipper hanging beside it. Best water I ever tasted I drank from that dipper.

Saw a salamander in the trough once. Said to Grandma, "Grandma, there's a salamander in the water trough."

"Well just leave it be," Grandma said.

"But I'm thirsty," I complained.

"Well get you some water," Grandma fussed, "just don't drink the frog."

"But Grandma," I corrected her, "It's not a frog, it's a salamander."

"Well don't drink the salamander," Grandma laughed.

Not many folks here in these united states drink water piped directly from a fresh water spring these days. And in many places the water quality is so poor that salamanders are hard to find. In those days people knew the water was safe to drink if it contained only the occasional salamander or frog. Not so much these days, and springs with salamanders and frogs are hard to find.