Mar 14, 2017

Top Ten Ways You Know You're Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road

In the interest of making motorcycling and driving safer for everyone, I've decided to publish a list of ways in which you can be quickly informed you are driving on the wrong side of the road. That is, unless you're British, Australian, Japanese or Kiwi. In which case, no one in America gives a shit.

Number 10. People on the side of the road are pointing at you and laughing.
Number 9. The yellow line is on your right and the white line is on your left.
Number 8. Some vandal turned all the signs around backwards.
Number 7. The median is on your right.
Number 6. All the exits are on your left.
Number 5. The other drivers you meet all slam on brakes and skid to the side of the road.
Number 4. People in oncoming cars are flashing their headlights, blowing horns and waving frantically!
Number 3. People you meet keep cursing you and giving you the number 1 sign with their middle finger.
Number 2. The car behind you has pretty blue flashing lights and wailing sirens.

And the Number 1. way to know you're on the wrong side of the road: That bug that just smashed your windshield was wearing dark sunglasses and a Harley-Davidson belt buckle!