Mar 26, 2017

Things I Found On The Web Today: Part 17

"The rusty patched bumble bee gained federal protection Tuesday
after the Trump administration removed its hold on
listing the species as endangered."
Will the Secret Service protect them now?

A guide to writing, written.
like all guides to writing,
by a writer no one has ever heard of.

"Globally, dogs have caused about 10 extinctions and continue to threaten another 150 species. In the United States alone, some 78,000 dogs roam habitats close to urban and suburban development."
But dogs are man's best friend.

I found a bluebird
eating a ripe blue berry
on the rocks.
And I'm sure it's not real.

Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Target
is being pushed on dozens of websites
to make it appear as if all the attention is viral.
It isn't.

And finally, I learned 21 Cool Internet Tricks to Revolutionize Your Browsing
and yet I was still bored enough to spend my time composing
Things I Found On The Web Today...

Some days, no matter how long the wheels turn, you still end up right back were you started.

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