Mar 17, 2017

Revelations I

1.1 All who bring revelation are considered subversive in their time.

1.2 Until reality knocks people down and stomps on their faces, everything is mute.

1.3 A fish, knowing he has taken the bait, is no better off.

1.4 I use the approach that one must sift through mountains of gravel to find a single gem. What you do with the gravel afterwards is up to you but I keep mine around to fill holes in my road.

1.5 I chased success for a very long time. I've tired of chasing, now success can chase me.

 1.6 "Hey old man, your house is on fire!"

"Get off my lawn, Kid!"

2.1 Living a nightmare once is enough.

2.2 The beginning has no middle nor an end. It is simply the beginning.

2.3 We have brains and intelligence greater than that of other animals for a reason. I would like to think that reason is so that we might overcome the law of the jungle, and those other than the strong might not only survive, but prosper.

2.4 It doesn't matter how smart you are or how many times you're right, if you don't have a bunch of letters at the end of your name they'll make you out to be a crack pot.

2.5 That's the only option the system allows them other than being branded crack pots and cast out to live like the rest of us live.

2.6 If my pillow could collect my dreams I'd burn it every day.

3.1 We're all dumb once. The smartest ones are only dumb once.

3.2 In America, politics have become the new religions and the parties are the cults. All of them.

3.3 The Democrats simply represent a kinder, gentler form of Fascism, but it is Fascism just the same. WE liberals have become like abused children trapped between 2 horribly abusive parents. We know either of them will beat us so we move towards the one who we think will hit softer.

3.4 They have funny accounting in DC, funny accounting at the state level and funny accounting at the local level... Are government accountants all a bunch of comedians in drag?

3.5 Most Conservatives are only fiscal until it comes to getting something for themselves. Then they become tax and spend liberals in drag. Most Liberals are only liberals until it gets in their own wallets. Then they become fiscal conservatives in drag. The man who openly admits to being a social liberal and a fiscal conservative walks a fine line few are able to follow.

3.6 Do I really need explain?

4.1 Funny, I used to pen dozens of poems a day, now it's a poem in dozens of days... And it really makes no difference; it's still all I can write.

4.2 According to legend, a pot of gold is to be found at the end of the rainbow. Everything under the rainbow is the same old crap.

4.3 I used to work very hard only to find myself disorganized, but now disorganization hardly requires any work at all.

4.4 I know it sounds crazy but sometimes the best we can do is to lead by being an example-- a bad example. And hope they figure it out.

4.5 When raising children, always explain why. Because is neither reason nor answer.

4.6 Until you've been a sandwich you can't really know what it's like to have killed with a piece of ground beef. Or tortured with mayonnaise.

5.1 Why attempt to stop a train wreck when you can easily get out of its way?

5.2 Sometimes you can resist by not doing anything at all. After all, there is no strategy for overcoming no resistance.

5.3 I've talked about establishing an alternative, parallel economic system for over a decade, as a means of insulating the working class from the manipulation of our current economy. Everyone thought me crazy.

5.4 The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. And most who arrive in Hell get there atop their high horses. Come off those high horses and walk with us common folk.

5.5 When it comes to political animals, nothing is ever what it seems to be. And even the politicians you believe in the most will eventually lie to the very people who would have most allowed them to make mistakes.

5.6 It is, after all, the nature of the beast.

6.1 Ever since I was a teenager, every time I drink a cup of coffee, I think of John Wayne in the movie, True Grit. And it's been over 40 years since I last saw the movie. Why is it that one scene where Rooster Cogburn rants about being served a cup of coffee with a spoon in it, left such a bold impression on me?

6.2 It's not the fact that's he's a Keynesian disciple that bothers me insomuch as it is he appears to be a Keynesian disciple on the take. Which, by the way, is completely contrary to true Keynesian Economic Theory but apparently central to Keynesian Economic Practice.

6.3 No one wants to be part of the solution. Solutions require change. Change makes people uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable makes people angry. Being angry makes people hard to get along with. Being hard to get along with makes solutions impossible. Fuck it, it's easier to stick with the problem.

6.4 The nation will only change for the better after it has fallen. The mighty Phoenix of myth and legend teaches us that it must crash to the earth in a ball of fire before it can arise from the ashes to fly again. America is the Phoenix.

6.5 When Keith Richards finally dies his autopsy will read: "Contains artificial preservatives."

7.1 It's easy to make enemies, harder to make friends and allies. Sadly, being of any particular persuasion doesn't seem to change that part of being human.

7.2 When facts don't agree with people's preconceived notions and beliefs the people become enraged... 'Tis the biggest hindrance there is to further advancement of the human race and the most dangerous force known to mankind.

7.3 In a world where there might be a million great unknown poets writing at any given time in history, have you ever thought that perhaps his poetry accidentally became so popular because no one ever needed that one last book to start the fire to keep warm or cook dinner for her starving children? Remember: the women were forced to remain illiterate back then.

7.4 One of the most frustrating times in my life was living in a motel in Ottawa, Illinois, a small town surrounded by corn fields in every direction, and not being able to buy a bowl of grits.

8.1 Deism is the tool by which free nations and free men are forged; religion is the weapon with which both are destroyed.

8.2 I've been reminding people for years that Albert Einstein is said to have defined insanity as repeating the same failed experiment over and over again while expecting different results. Voting has become that failed experiment, thereby proving American voters insane if they think it will change anything.

8.3 ...peoples' actions are preceded by their perceptions right or wrong. Telling the lie long enough does not make it truth but does make it the underlying cause for what happens after the falsehood.

8.4 My rights end when they encroach upon your rights. States Rights should end when they encroach upon our rights. Keep States Rights, but draw the line there

8.5 I'm not against private ownership of the means of production but I am against private ownership of the means of production being the only means of production.

8.6 Old habits die hard... And rarely for the right reasons.

9.1 I realize not everyone likes the way I do things but when they won't open the doors one is left with no choice but to knock them down. And if the vibration causes the whole building to fall before the doors swing open... Well we needed a better building anyway.

9.2 The world is full of people who are trying to effect change without taking human nature into account.

 9.3 Sometimes unintended consequences are necessary...

9.4 People hold dear anything anyone else tries to take away from them-- even if that thing is bad for them. We've all done it over something big or small. Hopefully yours was small.

9.5 Those that erase history are doomed to repeat it.

9.6 Most cannot even comprehend Deism and Deists such as Voltaire. So they must believe in the fairy tales as passed down by their tribes to convince themselves any sort of god can exist. 'Tis a fine line between believer and Atheist and the tribe depends on the majority never crossing.

9.7 Don't take the bait. And don't be a fish brain.