Mar 19, 2017

Ode To The Burger King

Undisclosed location-- Journalists embedded deep within the Kingdom of Burger have discovered cults of Burger King loyalists chanting verses in honor of their believed god-king:

Have It Your Way
He looks sort of silly a wearin’ that crown.
He cooks good burgers, always perfectly round,
with lettuce, tomato, a pickle or two,
my favorite’s the Whopper, none other will do.
“Have it your way,” we all hear him say,
breakfast, lunch, dinner, open late every day.
Let’s ride through the drive-thru, it stays open late,
and if we are lucky we won’t have to wait
while under his heat lamp he keeps our fries warm.
Shut up, lets eat, enough Burger King poems.

A spokesburger for the red headed clown expressed concerns this sort of unchecked loyalty to a monarch believed to be a god might lead to extremist, or even terrorist actions on the part of his subjects.

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