Mar 29, 2017

Haji on Page 3

Hydra Heifer On Page 3
Watch out guys! The Double D Avenger, Haji as Hydra Heffer, is on Page 3 this week. I really must admit the staff really went out of their way, out into the field, for this week’s Page 3 Girl.

And to think, those magazines across the pond think they’ve got the hottest Page 3 Girls. Go figure. Hydra Heffer, Page 3 Girl.

Hydra Heffer, Page 3 Girl With her superstar friends like Pirate Juggs and Ooga Boobies playing the evil strippers, it’s hardly a wonder the guys are lining up for the spankings (I didn’t have to make that part up.) Talk about the confessions of a sexy supervixen. Now if only we could get some photos of Chastity Knott, then we’d be making movies ourselves.