Dec 2, 2018

Saturday Night Reindeer Fights

Late last night a reindeer fight erupted on my block.
With hoofs and horns they showed their scorn
I thought they'd never stop.

They fought in gangs while elves, they sang
a Christmas melody of silent nights and sweet delights
underneath the Christmas tree.

Then Santa came, "This is a shame that you would fight this way!
What if the little kids find out how you've behaved today?"
"We're Bloods and Crips,: young Rudolph quipped, "I'm calling all the shots!
So shut up Red or you'll be dead." as by his beard he gripped!

'Twas with a bang and then a clang, Rudolph kicked Santa to the ground!
The other reindeer only stared as the elves, they'd soon surround.
Then Santa rose and touched his nose, "That smarts," I heard him say,
"Now go back home where you belong and don't behave this way."

Late last night a reindeer fight erupted on my block.
I don't know how it all worked out but I'm sure glad it stopped.

It would appear that gang culture has invaded even the North Pole. What's next, gang banger action figures and collectors' cards in every box of bullets? 9 millimeter candy? Bling in cereal boxes?