Nov 14, 2016

Things I Found On The Web Today Part 1

I came across a company named, Saddlebags,
that sells belts, buckles and jewelry
but no saddlebags.
I thought it strange.

Another website talked of
bipolar disorder highlights
as if it's something great.
I thought them deranged.

The endangered species update
was last updated 3 years ago
and finally got round to telling us.
Talk about a change.

The army uncovered
Mexico's largest marijuana plantation.
As if you could really hide 300 acres.
Maybe it was inside a grange?

Then there was the Alien Foundation
where UFOs have valet parking
and they serve artificial liver to their guests.
I think I'll abstain.

A company called NeoHire
can help you get a neojob
and you don't have to be a neocon.
Neos all sound the same.

There was  the Great Outdoor Depot
where everything's kept inside
waiting for you to place your orders
from your home, home on the range.

'Tis a strange thing, this thing we call the world wide web.

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