Nov 21, 2018

Reindeer Tales By Billy Jones

The Reindeer Shoe
by Billy Jones

A single shoe made of steel
hammered by a blacksmith’s hand,
a mystery from whence it came...


“...And I want a Red Ryder Wagon, and a Lionel Electric Train, and a Space Aliens Video game, and a...”

“Whoa,” the department store Santa interrupted seeing the concern on the face of the little boy’s mother, a slim blonde with blue eyes that expressed her every emotion as if she were yelling it to the world. “That’s a whole lot of toys for one little boy. Are you sure you need all those toys right away?”

“Oh, yeah,” Bobby replied while sitting on Santa’s knee. “There’s more...”

“That’s enough, Bobby,” the attractive blonde said as she reached to lift the little boy from Santa’s lap. “We’ve got to keep the line moving so the other kids can talk to Santa too.”

“But Mom...”

“Ho, ho, ho,” Santa laughed. “I’ll see what I can do, Bobby. See you next year.”

“Bye,” Bobby said as the next child in line, a little girl with red hair, freckles, and a green coat climbed up on Santa’s lap. It was easy to see the disappointment on Bobby’s face.

Bobby and his mother walked out of the mall to find the snow swirling all around them. “Mom, look!” Bobby shouted as he pointed towards a group of reindeer in a makeshift corral located in the mall parking lot. “Can I go look at ‘em?”

“For just a few minutes,” she replied as Bobby ran towards the reindeer.

Bobby had never seen a real reindeer before. Of course, neither have most five year old children living in the projects. To say he was excited would have been an understatement. They were bigger than he had ever imagined and they didn’t smell all that good either. They didn’t look particularly happy and they weren’t doing anything very interesting so Bobby stood there for just a few minutes before walking back to where his mother stood watching him.

As he walked toward his mother he looked down to see a tiny horseshoe lying half buried in the snow. He bent down to pick it up as his mother began to call, “Come on, Bobby, it’s a long walk home. I don’t want you to catch cold.”

“I’m coming,” Bobby shouted as he pushed the tiny horseshoe into his coat pocket.

“Dancer, did you see that?” one of the reindeer whispered as Bobby walked away.

“No, what was it?” Dancer quietly replied.

“That kid found the shoe you lost over there in the snow.”

“What did he do with it?”

“He put it in his pocket.”

“The old guy is really going to be mad at me when he finds out about this.”

“Well I told you not to be clicking your heels together when you dance. You knew it could happen.”

“I know,” Dancer replied. “It’s just that it gets so boring standing around in this corral all the time waiting on Christmas Eve and the sparks look so cool in the night sky. I wish Christmas Eve would hurry up and get here.”

“Yeah, me too,” Rudolph said, a faint red glow shining through the shoe polish the elves applied to his nose to hide the light. “I’m tired of smelling this shoe polish all the time.”

Merry Christmas and thank you for reading! You can read the rest of The Reindeer Shoe as well as The Great Reindeer Get-a-way in Reindeer Tales: Two Classic Christmas Stories.

-Billy Jones