Nov 1, 2016

For Antique Sporster Lovers

Ironhead Legend

The mighty Ironhead, some deride
its shifter on the other side,
its shovel top like bikes of old,
a storied subject often told.

It conquered women, conquered men,
conquered mountain roads through to their ends.
"Potato-potato," it roars so loud
to make its humbled owners proud.

Convoluted, some will say
but its lovers know no other way
as through the switchbacks it sill leads
the posers and all lesser breeds.

Though antique now, the Ironhead rules,
to ride it you need special tools
of glory, faith and courage bare
like legends lost in smoke filled air.

The few who know the Ironhead twin
know you can never do it in.
As strong as iron, it pounds the road
in search of legends not yet told.
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