Aug 16, 2016

Wackemall 1 Sold

So how did I come up with the name Wackemall? About 30 years ago I attempted what became an unsuccessful venture at building better roof racks for cars and trucks. Making better racks wasn't as hard as marketing. I decided on the name Wackemall as a spoof on the Yackima brand of vehicle roof racks that was already very popular at the time and remains so today.

The roof rack business never took off but in a way Wackemall did take off in 2004 when I created the Wackemall 1, the world's first Streetplane, which was in reality a street legal moped under North Carolina law at that time.

 That photo was at Horizon Park in Downtown Greensboro. This next photo was taken in Textile Drive Park near my home. I used to "fly" my Streetplane everywhere getting 100 to 150 miles per gallon using a 33cc Robin-Subaru 4 cycle engine.

The Wackemall 1 attracted nationwide attention for a while, getting us a mention in the Make Magazine blog in 2006. Along about that same time we became the feature of a Discovery Channel, Canada segment. Here's a shot looking from inside the hangar

It was fun while it lasted but it is no more. But I do still have the little red and white ant wagon with 6 wheels collecting dust in storage should someone want to buy it. It's of my own creation, the sideboards are removable, and all 4 front wheels steer together.