Jul 6, 2016

No Rap Fans Among Them

This time of year, tiny black and yellow birds alight in the chicory I grow out front to dine on the seeds while hummingbirds taste the nectar from the tiny blue flowers.

The leaves of the chicory are grown as a salad vegetable and the roots, when dried and ground, make a fine caffeine free coffee substitute. But mostly I grow it for the flowers and pretty birds.

This morning, as I watched the birds feeding, I noticed they are no longer afraid of the automobiles that pass by just a couple of feet away. Several cars came by including one very noisy dump truck belching black diesel smoke and they all stayed right there as if nothing could hurt them.

Then a young man drove by, rap music playing on his car stereo, and not really all that loud considering how loud some can be. Had I been in the house I would have never heard it.

Apparently these birds are not rap music fans as the all flew away.