History Of Wackemall: Part 43, Captain James Lawrence

Captain James Lawrence (1781-1813) was without a doubt an embittered man. His mother died when he was but an infant and his father, a British Loyalist, ran away to Canada leaving James to be raised buy his aunt. Perhaps that is the reason the newly promoted Captain Lawrence ignored orders and deliberately engaged the HMS Shannon while commanding the USS Chesapeake on June 1, 1813-- a mistake that ultimately cost him his life with 48–61 Americans killed and 85–99 wounded.

While accounts vary as to why Lawrence and the USS Chesapeake were defeated-- some say it was a new crew and lack of cohesion and training, others attribute it to a bugler who failed to blow his bugle, researchers studying the History Of Wackemall have determined the real cause to be Captain Lawrence's order:

"Don't give up the Wackemall!"

As there was no Wackemall listed on the ship's manifest and none known to be on board.

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