Sep 7, 2014

The Pogo Gang Strikes

Remember Pogo Sticks? Those really cool sticks with handles and foot pegs that you could bounce up and down on? I always wanted one but never had one-- not even as a child.

Last night I dreamed that modern day Billy Jones and some kid who couldn't be a day over 14 founded a Pogo Stick gang. Soon we had hundreds of Pogo stick gang members of all races, most of them young, who followed us everywhere wrecking havoc everywhere we went. We took over small towns and entire cities. And whenever rival gangs or police got in our way we pogoed right on top of their heads knocking them out of our way, boing, boing, boing everywhere we went... It was glorious, we were victorious!

This afternoon I picked up a load of surplus items to be sold at the flea market on 311 just south of Archdale this weekend. In it was looks to be a brand new heavy duty Pogo Stick. That's right, Billy has his first Pogo Stick.

Look out Greensboro... I've know stranger dreams to come true.