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The Grass Is Always Greener... And The Cornbread Is Better Too

I went out to feed my baby chicks some cornbread today. Cornbread is one of the all time favorite foods of chickens. Of course, when the rooster and adult hens saw the cornbread they came running but they couldn't get to it because my babies are caged.

Of course I wasn't going to leave out the other birds so I tossed them some cornbread on the ground beside the cage where the chicks are kept but instead of trying to eat that cornbread they spent their time trying to figure out how to get into the cage with the chicks.

And the chicks? Instead of eating their cornbread-- all of it from the very same pan-- they spent their time trying to get to the cornbread just outside their cage.

Anyone who has ever raised chickens won't be at all surprised by this behavior, they do it all the time, but after all these years I still find it funny. You can toss a pile of anything on the ground and the first hen there will grab a piece, take off running and the rest will ignore…

I Stole My Neighbor's Grass

Not that kind of grass, the kind that  grows on most people's lawns...

Most people complain and call the City of Greensboro when a neighbor's yard becomes so grown up it becomes an eyesore and yesterday morning as I looked out my window at the house 3 doors down I admit I contemplated calling 373-City to complain about the knee to waist high grass and weeds growing in my neighbor's yard. Then it hit me.

The old Hispanic couple who live there are deaf and mute. They are poor and living in a rented house. Both catch the City buses every morning to go to work and work long days. They've been neighbors for over 10 years and never once have they caused me or anyone I know any problems. Prior to this year their lawn, while never a masterpiece (mine isn't either) was always mowed. Their broken down lawnmower is under my scrap metal pile waiting on enough junk to make a truck load. When I picked it up off the street I tried to start it but couldn't get it t…