Aug 16, 2018

Love Me Some Fried Chitlins'

Where I last worked the state required that either my boss or I be on the property any time the business was open. That meant that if my boss was out of the office then I had to ask one of the guys who worked for me to pick up my lunch.

One day I sent this young black guy out and told him to bring back anything as long as it was a hot meal. In just a bit he came back and all the crew came inside for lunch.

I opened up the big Styrofoam container he handed me and started eating chitlins'. "God dammit!" the young man shouted as he stomped his feet, grabbed his drink and walked out of the room.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked as I really had no clue.

Laughing, the yard foreman, a black man I'd known since high school said, "He thought wouldn't no white people eat chitlins' so we all took bets and he lost."

"Not only that," another of the crew said, "he was planning on eating your lunch. That's why he only bought a drink."

Found Money

I was called to tow a car for the Greensboro Police Department for illegal parking on Tate Street one day. The car was in gear and the parking brake set so I had to unlock it using a Slim Jim. I unlocked the car and immediately found a brown paper bag with money falling out, sticking partially out from under the passenger seat. I jumped out and shouted to the cop to come look.

I ended up towing the car to impound. The police put the money in an evidence bag and hauled it to wherever they stash such things. To my knowledge, no one ever came to claim the car or the money. How much? I don't know but every time a cop came to look at it he called for someone with more stripes to come look at it too. Like myself, none of them dared to reach into the bag to count it.

Aug 12, 2018

Senior Citizens Discounts

Are only available on things that will make you die sooner, or remove very large parts of your retirement income from your bank account. You know, fatty foods, alcohol, expensive trips, drugs, expensive clothing...

Aug 11, 2018

Definition Of Free Market Capitalism

Unfettered Free Market Capitalism is Anarchy. It's like any other sport when the rules are taken away-- the players will cheat and only the cheaters will win. The longer the players remain in the game the more the players will cheat. Eventually only the cheaters remain, forced to feed upon themselves.

Aug 8, 2018

Why We Have Poverty

Poverty doesn't just happen, poverty is created by those who profit from poverty.

Aug 6, 2018

Commitment Issues

I never got a tattoo because I have issues with commitment. I feared I'd be committed for what I expressed.

Aug 3, 2018

The Myth Of Stranded Assets

The 1% used to trade in Bat Guano, Whale fat, and Peat. They made the transition to oil just fine. It isn't them who will suffer the economic losses caused by the change to greener technologies. They will not suffer when their so called "stranded assets" are left in the ground. But just as before the working classes will suffer the losses.