Jan 18, 2019

Letting Go

The Eulogy

When the old man died
they gathered 'round
to speak his eulogy,
see him off, say some words,
and let his soul go free.
Amidst the tears,
tales of glory years,
and secrets before not told
his grandson, just a little boy,
spoke these words so bold,

"Get out of here.
You've had your turn.
You're getting in my way.
I'm tired of being quiet.
I want to shout and play!
Since you moved in
my live has sucked,
my whole world has been doomed.
Get out of here.
You've had your turn.
And give me back my room!"

The preacher stood in silence.
His mother only cried.
His father never said a word,
but looked as if he'd died.
The guest, they all were silent.
The ushers silent too.
The organist couldn't play a note.
There was nothing they could do.

"Get out of here.
You've had your turn.
Get this show on the road.
Stick ol' Grandpa in the ground--
my supper's gettin' cold.
Hurry up,
let's wrap this up,
It's way past time to go!
Get out of here.
You've had your turn.
Stop talkin', let the old man burn."

The crowd was shocked,
not one could speak
as the little boy read the words,
and finally his father took the note
and came to understand.
For every word the child had read
to the horror of the room
was written in his Grandpa's hand
with these final words of gloom.

"I'm out of here
I've had my turn.
I did the best I could,
but I'll not say in Jr's way,
he needs room to make good.
I've taught him everything I know.
It's time he got his chance.
I'm out of here.
I've had my turn.
It's Jr's turn to dance."

Jan 17, 2019

Never Ending War

Grassroots rebellions never die-- they just smolder until some greedy moron throws oil on the fire.

Jan 13, 2019

Blowing Out Other's Candles

Blowing out other's candles won't make your candle brighter but it might make your candle the only light in the room. Do you wish to be a dim light in a dark room?

Jan 11, 2019

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Insanity

Just because you're crazy doesn't mean you are wrong. Being able to see the truth is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Jan 10, 2019

The Messiah Comes Today

People are waiting for a Messiah... He came, he went. He comes every day with many different faces. You shall know him by his words, not by his fruits, for his goal is not for himself but for those who come after him. And when he comes back again tomorrow they'll not recognize him then either. They never do.

Jan 7, 2019

Don't Hate The Cynic

Cynicism, as much as we may not like it, is a perfectly natural and normal human emotion. It protects us from emotions we simply can no longer deal with.

Jan 1, 2019

Truck Lane Restrictions?

First time I ever drove a tractor-trailer to California was 1978, I was 21 years old and had never heard of truck lane restrictions as none existed outside of California at that time.

I delivered in San Diego and had a second stop in Los Angeles that I hoped to deliver same day. I put my rig on I-5 and opened it up moving all the way to the left lane making excellent time.

About half way to LA I noticed a Camaro with flashing blue lights in the grill behind me. I turned on my right turn signal and after about 3 miles I finally managed to make a safe stop on the right shoulder of the Interstate just like everyone in North Carolina used to do.

The wind was blowing like crazy but that state trooper's hair was perfect. And boy was he mad! "What in the hell do you think you are doing?" he shouted.

"I'm going to LA," I answered in my best Southern draw.

"I mean what in the hell are you doing in the far left lane!" he shouted again.

"Well Officer," I explained, "In high school driver education they taught us that slower traffic drives on the right and faster traffic passes on the left, and I was damned sure the fasting moving thing out there."

He let me go but warned me to stay in the right lane.