Mar 21, 2018

Things That Go Boom

Most boys grow up fascinated with things that go boom. Thankfully, most boys discover fast cars, wild girls, alcohol, drugs, and motorcycles.

You know, all the things your mothers warned you about and the preachers told us we'd go to hell for.

Mar 20, 2018

Long Live Blue Collar Poets


I can write for you a poem,
profess my love to thee
but I am just a common bard
and rich I'll never be.
I'll never be a laureate
celebrated 'cross the land
for laureates are noble men
and I'm the common man.

I could pen my saga, days a sail
and days against the plow,
days labored in factories
sweat upon my brow.
I could tell you of the misery
of the men on the prison yard,
but I'll never write of victories
for I'm just a common bard.

I could tell you of the struggles
of a thousand men like me,
dreamers, each and every one
of dreams that cannot be.
But my name you'll never honor
despite the times I spared
for I am but a common man
penning words, a common bard.

Don't Tell Me What To Do

I get it, people don't like being told what to do or how to live their lives. But smart people prefer to be warned of impending crashes before they run out of road.

Sadly, too many folk just aren't smart.

Mar 19, 2018

Have You Hugged Your Parking Meter Today?

Getting To Know Your Parking Meter

You think your money's all I want.
You think you're such a looker.
Well money isn't everything,
I'm a meter, not a hooker.
How 'bout we take the time to talk
instead of trying to snooker,
to get out of the old rat race--
out of this pressure cooker...

Parking Meter Poetry is made possible by a grant from....... Who am I kidding, nobody's going to buy this goofy s......

Mar 18, 2018

Flocks Vs Flocks

A shepherd is able to lead a flock of sheep because the elder sheep have learned that safety and food await them at the end of their journey while the sheep dogs bark and nip at any wayward lambs to keep them inline until they too learn.

Human flocks follow their shepherds based on no more than the promise of rewards that may or may not ever come.

And we think ourselves the higher, more evolved species.

Mar 17, 2018

Give 'Til It Hurts

The problem I see with giving is that most people tend to give only to those who already have the most while those most in need are told to earn it for themselves.

Mar 16, 2018

A Day On The Sawmill

Blowing Saw Dust

The saw cuts wood one chip at a time,
each tooth, each turn of the blade,
while the shovel digs one scoop of the brine
each time you push in the spade.
The clock, it ticks a moment of time,
each second a second away
from knowing when the ticks will end
and the chips will blow away.