Feb 16, 2019

Feb 8, 2019

Who Said They Were Fit To Lead Us?

Anyone pondered that blue collar, working class, rednecks are not the ones being accused of blackface? We learned to get along.

Feb 6, 2019

The Never Ending Sustainability

We pay half the people to kill the other half while killing half the people to pay the other half.

So it is, since Cain killed Able, humanity has waged war, profited, and sustained itself through never ending violence, predator vs predator, in the most unbelievable yet successful story of sustainability ever told.

And yet, despite thousands of years of recorded evidence to the contrary, some will still say war isn't sustainable.

I don't have to like the truth to share it.

Feb 4, 2019

If The North Had Built A Wall During The Great Depression

We Southerners would have starved if the Yankees had built a wall along the Mason-Dixon line during the Great Depression.

Just think of how many of our relatives black and white moved up north in search of
jobs during the Great Depression. And yet Wall Street controlled our Southern economy even then. All the products and all the money that was made went up north just as all of Central America's assets all go to Wall Street today.

Southerners made and sold whiskey to make ends meet. Most of that whiskey was sold up north.

These days folks in Central America make and sell drugs.

Maybe if Wall Street didn't take everything else they have our neighbors to the south would quit making and selling drugs.

Maybe they'd stop coming here in search of jobs.

Feb 2, 2019

Groundhog Day

Poor Phil

On Groundhog Day they drag him out,
interrupt his hibernation.
Rudely show him all about
before entire nations.
Make a fuss, he has no clue
why he is all a tether.
Then shove him back into his hole
and blame him for the weather.

Jan 31, 2019

Making Little Ones Out Of Big Ones

A friend of mine-- I'll not mention any names-- once told the story of being sentenced to 2 years at the US Army Prison at Leavenworth, Kansas after repeatedly going AWOL and refusing to ship out to Vietnam. Now I might not have all the details exactly right but I think I'm close enough.

Seems he enlisted to go in the motor-pool but when it came time to go he had been reassigned to infantry with orders to be sent right into the thick of things, causing him to reassess his relationship with the Army.

He said the first day wasn't so bad-- they mixed concrete and poured what looked to him to be concrete parking bumpers. He thought, I can handle 2 years of this, no problem.

But the next day he was handed a sledge hammer and spent the entire day busting up the concrete parking bumpers someone else had made a couple of weeks before.

And every single day for 2 years, rain, snow, sleet, sun, hail, and wind they alternated between making them and breaking them.

Now I don't judge him for it. Forty plus years ago I might have reacted the same way, especially after I'd been promised something I wasn't getting. Despite what a lot of folks want you to think, eighteen year old boys really are still boys and they still tend to think like boys. It just goes to show, doubly so, that things aren't always as they seem.

Jan 30, 2019

Scared The Piss Out Of Him

Some years back when driving tractor-trailers from coast to coast my co driver pulled over to take a leak. He left the truck idling as I was asleep in the bunk and he knew shutting it down would wake me.

He walked around the truck to take a leak and never heard the Arizona State Trooper who stopped to check on him. "Is there something wrong with your truck?" a woman's voice asked him.

Startled, he turned around in mid stream and pissed all over her legs!

It was after she handcuffed him that she knocked on the side of the cab to inform me that I should follow her to town where he would be going before the magistrate judge on charges of littering and assaulting a law enforcement officer.

When we got to the county courthouse the Magistrate Judge ruled that peeing on the side of the road was littering and fined him for doing so. But he told the State Trooper that if she hadn't have startled the man he would have never turned around until after he zipped up his pants.The charge of assault was dropped.

We were just happy the judge was a man as obviously not all women understand male anatomy.