Apr 5, 2020

How To Make Your Wallet RIFD Secure And Protect Your Info For Free

Perhaps you've heard of credit card thieves who steal your credit card information simply by getting close to you while carrying a portable RIFD or other electronic device that scans your cards collecting data while your cards and wallet are still in your pocket or purse.

Perhaps you've considered buying an expensive wallet or purse to protect your data?

Or maybe you're the maker type who can make your own flimsy Mylar wallet to protect you from data thieves? YouTube is full of videos of Mylar wallets.

Well just in case you're not it really is this simple. The next time you eat a bag of potato chips or other snack in those plastic bags with the bright, shiny insides... Well that bag, my friends, is Mylar, and all you have to do is wash it out and wrap your wallet in the bag before putting it in your pocket or purse.

Just make sure you turn the shiny side out just in case it actually makes a difference.

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Apr 4, 2020

The System Isn't Broken

The system was never finished, never tested, and thus far has never worked. Beware of unfinished systems.

Mar 31, 2020

Definition Of Assure

Assure is the word used when politicians and people in power feel the need to lie about their actions, inactions, inability to deal with the problem(s) at hand, or wish to hide inexcusable behavior. Assure has no actual definition and is only used to fill spaces in long drawn-out excuses in which responses to questions are made but actual answers are never given. Assure is most often used by elected representatives, clergy and those paid to speak for them who bear no quilt in putting their own reputations on the line for payment.

Example: I assure you the definitions in the Wackemall Dictionary are abridged, whatever that is.

Definition Of Bipartisan

Bipartisan is modern day Orwellian speech for padding the pockets of the politricksters across the political isles while passing legislation to pacify your own party loyalists.

This definition and many more can be found in the Wackemall Dictionary or by searching this website.

Mar 29, 2020

The Cattle Prod

First time I ever saw one of those I was in a truck stop in Pennsylvania with my Daddy who was talking with another driver. I wanted to know what it was so I held it up and asked Daddy what it was but he ignored me. I asked him again but he kept talking to the other driver. So not knowing what it was I poked him with it. Right in his spine.

Wow, who knew a man only 5'-7" tall could jump so high? To an eleven year old it appeared he had jumped all the way to the ceiling and then some.

I think he was mad enough to beat me but after they helped him up off the floor it was all he could do to walk to the nearest table and sit down. After a bit of rest, some food, and a few cups of coffee he stopped talking about beating me.

But from then own when I asked, "Hey Daddy, what's this?" I got a very quick response.

Mar 27, 2020

Definition of Kudos

Something imaginary. See Cooties without the Ick.

A Mother Cries Her Last Tear

The Journey

Lara set out on her own
to track the traders down,
find her little one Kal-El,
and bring him back around. 
The picking fields, they were a hell
she'd lived her whole life through,
but beyond the garbage lies
a hell she never knew.

So a young mother sets out to do what none have ever done before-- leave the picking fields and return alive young Kal-El in her arms. The others warned her not to go but without Kal-El she could find no reason to live. Only the Devil himself knew what would happen next for if there is a God he had never laid eyes upon those born in the picking fields.

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