Feb 26, 2017

Trucks From My Past: Part 6

Continued from Trucks From My Past.

Modern International TranStars are day cab conventional road tractors built for local use but years ago,  Transtar was the name of International's top of the line over the road tractor.

The orange truck pictured is a 1970 CO 4070A. Most 4070As came with 2 stroke Detroit Diesel engines. The only 4070A I ever drove was equipped with a questionable 350 horsepower 8V-71 Detroit with 2 turbochargers on top of the GMC blower and a Roadranger RTO 910 Ten speed overdrive transmission. And while the truck was capable of running in excess of 100 miles per hour when empty there was simply no need in the overdrive as I never got to use it when loaded. Fact is: that engine would have made a great boat motor but it simply didn't work in a truck.

In those days we referred to those old 2 stroke V8 Detroits as double breasted Yamahas and water trucks as you carried the water up the hill and poured it on down the other side if you expected to get over the next hill. Fact is: an 8V 71 only displaces 568 cubic inches so it really can't compare.

The biggest differences in the earlier 4070A and the 4070B example in the white Transtar II shown was the 4070B had a little more interior room, better sound insulation, nicer appointments and a step that wasn't nearly as likely to break your ankle getting in and out of the cab.

Once, while driving the 4070A on a trip to Florida and back, a neighbor asked if he could ride along as he'd never ridden in a big rig before. I had grown up with his son and had known the man my entire life, and being the DOT wasn't nearly as difficult then as they are today I agreed to let him go. It was a simple drop and hook in Jacksonville on an empty drop lot over the weekend so no one would know the difference anyway.

All went well on the way down but when we stopped at Jerry's Union 76 Truck Stop on I-95 in Manning, South Carolina, my passenger got his foot hung in the treacherous step of the 4070A, slipped and fell backwards, where he remained hanging as he was much heavier than I was and I couldn't lift him high enough to get him free.

I ran into the truck stop to get help but most of the folks thought I was pulling some sort of prank and refused to help. Finally, I got together a gang of 5 or 6 strong men to come help me set the old guy right side up again and get him back into the truck. To say the rest of the trip was miserable for the old guy was an understatement. He had a horrible sprain and couldn't walk for weeks.

I drove several 4070B Transtar II tractors over the years. My favorite was a new 1978 almost identical to the white one in the photo, equipped with an 855 cubic inch Big Cam Cummins 350 horsepower engine, a Fuller-Roadranger 125 Ten Speed transmission and 4:11 rears. Top speed was about 75 but it pulled any load you put on it anywhere you wanted to go. I drove that truck throughout 48 states and parts of Canada before moving on to other things.

While not the fastest, fanciest, or even the best, if I had to pick my all time favorite truck, I guess it would be the CO 4070B International Transtar II.

Photo credits, 10-4 Magazine and Go Motors.

Two Eagles Talking

"Did you know they almost picked turkeys to be their national birds?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"Kidding? Naw, I'm surprised those turkeys didn't go through with it."

Get the best of Two Eagles Talking at... Who the hell am I kidding? Like anyone wants to read any more of these bird brained jokes.

Photo credit: Eagle Totem

Linking A Poem Together

Days Old Dreams
As the sun slides o'er the mountain
and we read the daily muse
the monster rots upon the beach
and lovers live in zoos,
we live for our entitlements
entertained but not in peace,
dreaming of an island
our days old...

Sadly, like all hyperlink poems, the pictures behind the linked words will someday fade away, and what was once said will be lost like days old dreams never realized.

Feb 25, 2017

Death To The Fat Kid

No Hope For Gordito

At a Taco Bell deep in the dell,
Gordito waited there
knowing soon, the fries would come.
He waited in despair.

Salsa would flow, he had to know
but still, he held is ground,
his hope he'd keep
in ground up meat
left scattered all around.

And so it is, amazingly,
the fast food wars rage on,
never winners, only losers
as the fries keep marching 'long.

The Fast Food Wars are made possible with support from Barridog! And a few folks who would rather we not mention their names.

What Real Men Meant To Say?

Winston-Salem, NC-- Women's rights activists
nationwide are angry about a billboard along
Interstate 40 near Winston-Salem that seems to
imply that women be silent and appreciate,
regardless  of whatever circumstances, their role
as non-providers. But according to sources
contacted by Wackemall Network News, the
message that is printed on the billboard was
never supposed to be there in the first place.

According to Billy Jones, Director of Marketing for Wackemall Media, Mining, Manufacturing, Farming & Transportation... the message was supposed to read,

"Real men wackemall 
Real women wackemall too"

"I's a simple message," Mr Jones remarked, "But we often have problems with the companies we hire not understanding what wackemall means, and thinking they know better when the definition of wackemall is on our website.

Bill Whiteheart, president of Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising, who owns the billboard, did not comment as to Mr Jones' claim that Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising had changed the message.

"We're not supportive of or in opposition to the message," he said. "We're just the messenger."

Wackemall Network News, bringing you the coverage the others only talk about covering

Feb 24, 2017



Let's waddle 'long across the snow
to swim where others dare not go.
We'll not forget what we don't know
while showing off to those below...

As if we were only penguins in the snow.

All That Glitters...

21st Century Gold Rush

Fractured nights, bygone delights
now burning in the fires--
our hopes and dreams, the in-between
all tossed upon the pyre.
Each passing day, the kings all say,
will bring more to their coffers
of the menace, gold, we now behold
the ever dwindling offers.
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